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“CVB moves to city control” by: Jessica Shepard

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   The Matagorda County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau (MCCVB) and Bay City Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture’s collaboration contract will officially end Dec. 31.
   “After this date, the Chamber’s CVB operation support will ceased and be utilized to fund a full-time city position,” said Mayor Mark Bricker in a letter to the Robert Lister, chairman of the chamber’s board of directors.
   “To ensure a smooth transition, the current MCCVB director has been offered the position. Once this transition has taken place, there will be a collaborative effort with the director, CVB board members and City Council to update and adopt new by-laws for the CVB board and fill any vacant board positions,” Bricker said in the letter. 
   Current CVB administrator Heidi Martinez is slated to continue her job as a city employee along with CVB’s new residence.
   “It means the city is taking over the day-to-day operations of the CVB,” said Chamber President Mitch Thames at CVB’s board meeting last Thursday, Dec. 14.
   “Right now, the chamber is paid $48,000 a year and handles all the CVB stuff,” said CVB Board Member DC Dunham.
   “That includes letters and copies along with magazines and advertising, answering the phone and mail stuff. And it’s going to take action of council.”
   “It’s on the agenda for the next meeting,” said City Secretary David Holubec, who attended the CVB meeting, referring to the council session set for Dec. 21. 
   “And Heidi’s on board for this, right?” asked Dunham.
   “Yes, I have spoken with the mayor and he did say that he wanted to offer me the position since I’ve been working with the CVB for all of these years,” said Martinez.

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