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Bay City Airport celebrates 50th anniversary

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   Bay City Regional Airport is marking the 50th anniversary of serving citizens and businesses of Bay City and Matagorda County in 2018, Airport Manager James Mason said.
   The airport services about 14,500 aircraft annually, including aircraft for emergency services and the military. 
   “Over our 50 years the airport has seen a lot of changes and growth – from adding more space for aircraft parking, aircraft hangars, new parking lot, and lengthening our runway and taxiway,” Mason said.
   The airport is upgrading security fencing and gates. 
   In addition, Mason pointed out that the airport’s lighting system upgrade and the avgas fuel farm relocation will be engineered this year. 
   “In 2019, we will be replacing our lighting system, installing an emergency generator and began the engineering to move our taxiway for safety reasons and improve our drainage.” 
   Mason said the airport has hosted Texas Governors, business professionals, vacationing pilots and passengers from across the country and from around the world, and is home to more than 44 local general aviation pilots. 
   “We have several special events and promotions that we will be putting on throughout the year to say thank you for allowing us to serve this community for 50 years,” Mason said. 
   For more information, check out the airport’s Facebook page, BayCityRegionalAirport.

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